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Solar Agriculture

Cenergy Power’s primary market focus is agricultural solar development because our solution thrives in markets that prioritize best overall energy value above all other considerations. Under the California Solar Initiative program, Cenergy Power is the top performing commercial solar developer in at least five key Ag counties in Central Valley for this very reason.

Cenergy Power is able to deliver best overall value to Ag businesses by understanding that Ag businesses must plan operations and expenditures years in advance to remain competitive in an increasingly global food economy. Energy is also one of the key inputs throughout the Ag value chain. Lastly, Cenergy Power realizes that most Ag businesses will only go solar if it is the most cost-effective and reliable long-term hedge against rising utility costs.

With our Ag-centric perspective, Cenergy Power is then able to focus religiously on value-engineering efficient methods to best match solar opportunities for Ag businesses looking for long-term energy solutions. These solutions would include (i) designing solar arrays that are reliable, cost-efficient, and optimally engineered for Ag facilities, and (ii) formulating financing structures that take into account different Ag utility rate options, tax characteristics of Ag businesses, and credit concerns of Ag banks.